Our Aquatread  or  underwater  treadmill  is  a great  way  to  bring  horses  back  from injury  as well  as  provide  an  intense  level  of  conditioning without  all  of  the  strain and  stress  on  the  tendons  and  ligaments. Our  treadmill  is  12 feet  long  allowing space  and  comfort  for a  horse  when they  are  learning  the  ropes.  This  excercise takes  60%  of  their  bodyweight off  of  their  legs while  allowing  them  to  build  up good  aerobic  capacity. 

Incline Treadmill

The  incline  treadmill  is  designed  to  duplicate  anaerobic  work  for  your  horse  here  in  a  controlled  enviromoment.  What  does  this  mean?  It  means we  can  prepare your  horses’  muscles  to  fire and  sprint without  the stress  and  the  risk  of injury  that  they  have  at  home.  It  helps  build  up  hind  ends,  stifles,  and hocks  as  well  as gets  their  heart  rate  up. The treadmill  will  incline  up  to  11  degrees and  max  at  speeds  of  8mph. This  allows  us  freedom  and  room  to  create  a  special  program  catered  to  your  horses’ needs.  


Our six horse prefiert walker allows a controlled environment for exercise before they return home. Whether they are recovering from injury and have moved on to the slow walking phase or they are ready to work and need a faster pace, our equiciser allows us to control the speed and the time that your individual horse needs to get him back right.