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Molly Cour

Molly got her first horse at a very young age and they have been a very important part of her life ever since. From riding for fun to competing herself until she had her daughter Ellie, who she turned into a cowgirl before she could even walk. Molly and Ellie traveled all over the United States to rodeos from Ellies early childhood days through high school and on into the pro ranks of the PRCA. Molly took care of her horses to perfection and that became noticed by a lot of Ellie’s friends and competitors. Those girls began asking Molly for help with their horses while on the rodeo trail and she found herself in the roll of taking care of many girls horses while on the road in may different ways. She would help them with problems,medications,wraps and more. She could see problems with a horse from a distance and people came to know that and would come to her for all things about their horses. Molly falls in love with each individual horse that comes to EquiCare and the horse truely knows that.  A happy, stressfree horse heals and conditions alot better and faster then an unhappy stressed out horse. Molly is one of the secret ingredients to EquiCares success. In addition to her responsibility of caring for the horses she is in charge of all rehab and conditioning operations and she duplicates herself in others throughout EquiCare.


Mike Cour

Mike Cour is a graduate of St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas with a degree of Bachelors of Business Administration, where he was a four year starter on the baseball team and owned and operated a small commercial cleaning business that he started in 1979 at the age of 16. His passion is his family and to grow this business with his family. Among Mike’s many hobbies he enjoys golf and team roping with his family. Following graduation in May of 1988 he took an account executive position with McCaw Communications June 1, and was part of the first sales team to sell cellular phones and service in central Texas, and was the top sales person 3 out of 4 years and the Circle of Excellence Award 4 out of 4 years.

This success lead him into a career with New York Life Insurance company. His first year he was the “Rookie of the Year” and made the Million Dollar Round Table. Mike was asked to manage a suffering New York Life office in Topeka, Kansas where he increased sales by 1100%. The next move was to become a Managing Partner, but the way the company was structured there would have been several moves for his family before a permanent location would be a possibility and so he decline. So, he brought his family back to the Austin area where he started his own agency. Mike grew the agency to a success with both personal sales and by hiring as many as 30 agents all while increasing personal production by no less then 20% per year. In 2004 he was recruited to help a big insurance company by the name of Americo, traveling all over the country to different agencies helping them grow their business. While aiding in the success of many agencies he was able to keep his agency and service his existing clients. He worked for America for 1 year, and was the only person in that position throughout the United States that did not have to lower their goal. He succeeded his goal while at the same time designed and implemented an agent tracking software that is still being used today. At the end of the year he opted to return back to his agency full time where he continued his success up until starting this new company.


Dr. Beau Whitaker, DVM

 Dr. Beau Whitaker received his DVM from Texas A&M University in 2005. He completed an internship at Arizona Equine following graduation and has practiced in Texas since that time. After a brief stint at the 6666’s Ranch, Beau moved to Salado, TX where he has practiced for over 8 years focusing on lameness and performance horse medicine. Beau received his CERT (Certification in Equine Rehabilitation Therapy) in 2014 from the University of Tennessee and has been on staff and a key part of Equicare’s rehab program since its  opening. With his weekly visits you can rest assured that your program is being overseen by one of the best and your referring veterinarian is being communicated with to ensure the best and fastest recovery possible. 


Codi McCorkle

Codi joined the Equicare team in October of 2016. She is a Lampasas native and graduated from Sul Ross State University with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Health Management or Pre-Veterinary medicine in 2008. She was the Veterinary Technology student of the year during her collegiate career as well as competing in cross country and basketball during her time at Sul Ross. Codi was previously the manager for a large animal shelter for 6 years and has worked for several veterinarians throughout her life which allows her to bring a skill to Equicare that can allow owners to feel more comfortable that our staff can not  only  safely  handle  your  horses  and  love  them  as  they  would  their  own  but  to  communicate with your veterinarian to design and follow the program that  they see fit. She is married, has two young kids Hadlee and Bryce, and 3 horses of  her  own that she uses for herself and her daughter to run barrels on. 


Kaitlynn Lingenfelter

Kaitlynn Joined our staff in October of 2018. She has been a great addition to our team. You  can  be  confident  that  your  horse  is  being  loved  and  that  you  will  be  greeted  with  a  smile  when  Kaitlynn  is  here.  She has a great love of the horses and a skill for handling all disciplines that we find to be invaluable here. Kaitlynn moved to Texas in July of 2017 from Howell, Michigan. She currently owns three horses, Diamond, Rain, and Gunner where she competes most often in Liberty and loves it because of the natural horsemanship of it all. When she isn’t here at Equicare taking care of all of our customers horses you can find her teaching her horses new skills like to bow and hug or training her 3 dogs.  


Summer Intern-Madison Merrill

Madison comes to us from Tarelton State University completing her internship program with us to graduate with her Bachelors in Animal Science Production. She has worked with horses her whole life. Owns and runs barrels on a mare named Applejack and has settled in and quickly become a part of Equicare‘s team. 


Barn Technicians-Derek Valiquette and Jimmy Cairnes

Derek and Jimmy are a great asset to Equicare. They help keep the wheels turning here. Both are local to the area, are great with the horses, and have a great attention to detail that helps them be an important role here to monitor horses, help transport horses in and out during the day and make sure all of our horses are in the most comfortable environment that they can be in. 

Meet our sponsored athletes

Ivy Conrado


Events: Barrel Racing

WPRA Career Earnings:$527,453

3x NFR Qualifier

RNCFR Champion

2016 AQHA Horse of the Year

2018 Reserve AQHA Horse of the Year

2018 WPRA Mountain States Circuit Finals Champion

2018 NFR Round 5 Winner 

2017 NFR Round 5 Winner

2018 World Standings 9th Place

2017 World Reserve Average Winner

2016 NFR 4th place 

Name: Ivy Conrado 
Hometown: Hudson, CO 
Favorite thing to eat when you are out on the road? Coffee 
What is your favorite rodeo to attend? Calgary 
If you aren’t riding what is your favorite thing to do? Sleep, eat, watch movies and play volleyball 
Favorite Bit: the one I stole from Billie Jack
Leg gear: Classic Equine
Saddle: cowboy classic 
Pad: Classic Equine 
Feeding regiment: Renew Gold senior and alfalfa with needed supplements 
What is the most difficult horse you have ridden? Famey 
Current Horse(s) name: JLo 
What can you tell us about the horse you have been riding?

She has a huge heart! She wants to be seen and cheered for. She’s a champ 
How long have you been riding? My whole life 

What is on your bucket list still for competing? Winning major rodeos: San Antonio, houston, calgary and the wnfr 
Do you have a preferred style, body type or personality that you look for in a horse? I like horses that win! They come in all different shapes, sizes and pedigrees! It really comes down to the heart 
What therapies do you use to keep your horse running? Acupuncture, chiropractic, revita vet, Jess Harper, stretching 
What do you think sets the horses apart from competing at an amateur level to a professional level? Being able to stand up and take a bigger amount of runs. Also being diverse on set ups. 
What is your best memory from competing? Winning my first round at the NFR 
If you could give one tip to someone else out hauling on the road what would it be? To not be afraid to ask questions or to give your horse a break! You don’t have to go to every rodeo. Your horse comes first 

Liz McManus



Liz McManus


San Antonio, Texas is my hometown but I call McDade, Texas home now.

Horses name:

Hez Good N Famous aka Rico Sauvé 

What can you tell us about the horse you are riding?

Rico is a 2012 bay gelding by As Good As Nick Gets and Ta Wonder an own daughter to Dash Ta Fame.  He’s a gentle soul with a huge heart.  He loves attention and praise.  He is probably one of the best minded colts/horse I’ve ever rode.  He can go lay down a run to win the rodeo and come out of the arena and drop his head so my novice rider daughter can ride him.  He’s extremely smart and a pleaser. I think all of these characteristics are what makes him the winner that he is.  

How long have you been riding?

For as long as I can remember I’ve rode horses.  It’s part of what makes me who am I.

What are your goals this year?

I’d like to make the CPRA finals and potentially win the year end. Qualify for the American & win Pecos Rodeo.  

Do you have a preferred bloodline, style, body type or personality that you look for in a horse?

My two favorite bloodlines are Dash Ta Fame and Bugs Alive in 75.  Style I’m more of a push style rider so I tend to always end up riding those style of horses. Body type I’ve been successful on all different sizes and body types. I just want to ride a horse with heart because they’re always going to take you to the pay window.  Personality they’ve gotta be all heart to be successful in this sport.  I’ve found that whatever they may lack physically they seem to overcome if they’ve got heart and grit about them.  They just find a way to win.

What therapies or products do you depend on most to keep your horse running?

The LarcTest is the core of my whole operation now.  Whatever the test results show will determine what other therapy methods or products I will incorporate into my horse’s regiment.  I do have chiropractic work done regularly.  Soft ride or easy boot cloud are a must especially when hauling.

What piece of tack is one you can’t live without?

All of it…Each piece plays its own vital role into a winning run.

What do you think sets the horses apart from competing at an amateur level to a professional level?

I think they have to have the ability to take the long hours, different ground, different set ups. 

What is your best memory from competing?

Probably winning my first saddle

If you could give one tip to someone else out hauling on the road what would it be?

I would say run your race don’t get into comparing yourself or your horse to someone else’s.  Find the routine that works for you and your horse and stick with it.  Don’t dwell on the bad runs it’s over move onto the next one.  Try to find something positive in every run and build on that. Set realistic goals short term and long term. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing your horse will appreciate that. Most of all know your limits there is nothing wrong with being tired and needing to take a break and rest yourself and your horse. 

Favorite food on the road.

Sonic Ice

Favorite rodeo to attend.

Poteet Strawberry Festival & Rodeo is my favorite rodeo.  It’s one of my husband’s rodeos he produces, it’s in the area I grew up in, & the crowd is electric there.  We refer to it as the “South Texas version of CheyenneFrontier Days Rodeo”. West of the Pecos Rodeo is also one of my favorites.  I just love that HUGE arena and the western heritage intertwined all throughout the rodeo.   

If you aren’t riding what do you like to do?

Going to Disney World with my family

Most difficult horse you have ever ridden and why:

I’d say my mare Charlie was the most difficult horse I’ve ever trained.  She did not respond to one of my traditional methods of training a barrel horse.  She is a big and pushy mare and was not interested in what I was trying to show her.  I had to think outside of the box and find something that woulddraw her in and get her interested.  I spent allot of hours just observing her.  Lots of hours just riding her in the pasture and applying the methods I would use on the barrels with random weed or tree out in the pasture.  If she did one thing I asked her to do correctly I really emphasized the reward and gave her big praise for it.  She figured out that she liked the rewards & praise and started doing more and more things to get them.  Charlie was a difficult horse but she was fun.  I enjoyed watching the seed turn into a beautiful blooming flower. She pushed me the hardest but she taught me the most. I’m thankful for everything that she taught me.  I am better more versatile rider today because of her.

Bit: Sharon Camarillo Cajun bit

Headgear: None

Saddle: Alamo Saddle

Saddle Pad: Classic Equine ESP 

Leg Gear: Iconoclast

Feed: Purina Ultium Gastric Care

Hay: Coastal & Alfalfa

Supplements: Elevate SE  

Alternative Therapy:  LarcTest, Aquatread, Saltwater Spa, Chiropractic

Billie Jack Saebens


Events: Team roping - heeler

Born: 3/24/1989 Owensville, Mo.

Joined PRCA: 2012

PRCA Career Earnings: $406,999.00

Wrangler NFR Qualifications: 2 (2017)

Current Residence: Nowata, Okla.

2017 world standings place: 7th
2017 WNFR standings place: 4yh
2017 WNFR earnings: $86,365
2017 earnings: $197,295
RNCFR qualifications: 2 (2015-16)

2018 Highlights
• Won the San Antonio (Texas) Stock Show & Rodeo, with Coleman Proctor
• Won the Amarillo (Texas) Tri-State Fair and Rodeo, with Charly Crawford
Career Highlights
• 2017: Won the Buffalo Bill Rodeo (North Platte, Neb.), the Red Bluff (Calif.) Round-Up, the 101 Wild West Rodeo (Ponca City, Okla.), the Amarillo (Texas) Tri-State Fair and Rodeo, the Wrangler Champions Challenge presented by Justin Boots (Sioux Falls, S.D.), the Wrangler Champions Challenge presented by Justin Boots (Spanish Fork, Utah), the Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo (Abilene, Kan.), the Steamboat Springs (Colo.) Pro Rodeo Series, July 7-8 and the Nebraska's (Burwell) Big Rodeo. Co-champion at the Wrangler Champions Challenge presented by Justin Boots (Santa Maria, Calif.) and Co-champion at the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo, with Tyler Wade
• 2016: Placed in two rounds to rank 13th at the Wrangler NFR, with Coleman Proctor.  Finished 15th in the world standings with $98,834. Won Rodeo Austin (Texas) with Cole Markham. Won the RAM Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo (Duncan, Okla.), with Coleman Proctor
• 2015: (Jesse Stipes) Won the Mineral Wells (Texas) Rodeo. Finished third in the Fort Worth (Texas) Stock Show and Rodeo. Finished 36th in the world standings with $32,068
• 2014: Won the RAM Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo (Duncan, Okla.), with Coleman Proctor, and also the Prairie Circuit year-end title. (Partner Adam Rose) Won Iowa’s Championship Rodeo (Sidney); the Ozark Empire Pro Rodeo (Springfield, Mo.); the Strawberry Days Rodeo (Pleasant Grove, Utah); the Scotts Bluff County Fair (Mitchell, Neb.) and the North Central Rodeo (Medford, Wis.); co-champion at the Butterfield Stage Days PRCA Rodeo (Bridgeport, Texas)
• 2013: (Partner Adam Rose) Won the 101 Wild West Rodeo (Ponca City, Okla.); the Mid-Western Rodeo (Manawa, Wis.) and the Buffalo (Minn.) Championship PRCA Rodeo; co-champion at the Days of 56 PRCA Rodeo (Ponca, Neb.). Finished 37th in the world standings with $27,318
• 2012: (Partner Eric Flurry) Won the Cushing (Okla.) Community Rodeo; earned $5,838 on his permit
• 2011: Earned $2,096 on his permit

Qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo in 2008

Junior sponsored athletes

Saige Sealy

Saige Sealy

Saige is a Region 10 all around High School Rodeo athlete. She embodies the work ethic, character, and love and care of the horses that we celebrate here at Equicare.